Salon Manager- Babysutra

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Full-time


Salon manager- Babysutra will be responsible for the successful operations of spa and salon. They will be responsible for both profit and customer satisfaction. Salon managers lead their teams of salon staff to provide excellent services, maximize profit and follow all health and safety regulations.

Summary of Duties

A- Staff - Systems:

 To ensure that timely information is recorded, stored and secured regarding individual staff members medical, evaluation, compensation, discipline, termination, complaints and other relevant personnel information. Arrange a dedicated area in the Salon where these files will be stored.

To implement work schedules, orientation, evaluation, discipline & termination


 To manage personnel policies, job descriptions, and confidential information

 Salon Manager is being not required to develop any new policies but required to manage program delivery policies as per provided from the Babysutra Head

Babysutra has developed and you are required to manage procedural guidelines regarding health, safety, and emergency for staff and clients in the salon.

C- Services/Program/Practices:

Ensure all the staffs have clear and are knowledgeable about the children’s habits, allergy, behavioural issues that are needed for the efficient and effective delivery of our quality service to the children and families coming in the Salon and other services related to them.

Build a strong, competent, complementary

Make plans for team building and the provision of professional development opportunities for the

You are responsible to make at least 3 rounds of the Salon everyday If required, you have to take more rounds to maintain the standards and hygiene.


Ensure that there is relative input to strategic planning from staff regarding program, facility, policies, etc.

To ensure that process planning is consistent with the program

Contribute for the development, management and evaluation of operations management plan

To conduct monthly parent satisfaction evaluations.

To ensure that there is relative input from parents which can help us improve quality.

E- Families: Systems:

To ensure that systems are in place that record and inform parents of antidot0al, behavioural, and medical information regarding their child.

To ensure that systems are in place to document individual children's information regarding medical, behavioural, key events/happenings and unusual accidents and

To maintain an up to date and efficient list of potential families who are requesting Babysutra services.

F-Policy and Parent Handling:

We have developed and you should communicate to parents with our clearly written policy statements related to program, payment and parent / policies and

To manage a confidential information policy. No child information should go out of the Salon either through email or any file should leave the Salon.

H- Finances:

Manage the processes of issuing invoices in a regular, efficient and effective manner. Invoices should go out each month prior to the due date to the reporting

Manage the collections process in a regular, efficient and effective.

Develop, monitor, evaluate and adjust annual budget.

Manage the cash flow- deposits, payables, petty cash format for accountant.

Prepare for annual audit of finances and systems by accountant.

Periodic reporting regarding financial status to the reporting

I- Facilities:

Need to ensure there is efficient and effective inventory control of all supplies, equipment and materials.

Need to ensure that systems are in place for the requisition, repair and replacement of materials and

Need to ensure that systems are in place to conduct a monthly facility review and provide a report to the reporting

JLegal and Professional Sanctions:

Conduct a Fire Drill on a monthly

To ensure all documentation required by law and professional sanctions is being kept and secured ex. appropriate insurance coverage are in place.



  • Proven work experience of 3-4 years as a Manager in child care industry or similar role in a salon or spa. Preferably a
  • Associate or a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Therapy, Salon specialist etc.
  • Professional attitude and appearance
  • Valid Driver’s license.
  • Staying within 8 km Radius from the Salon.
  • Excellent communication skills, specifically the ability to communicate with parents of children of different ages and from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Language preferable – English, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil

Salary-  Best in the industry.

Immediate joiners preferred

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